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Vaishnav Kumar


Class Of 



UW-Madison Institute for Medical Research



What did you love about YA?

It gave me the opportunity to have an independent work experience that prepared me for a career that I was interested in pursuing better than my traditional academic classes could

How did YA influence your plans after high school?

I was always interested in a career in the STEM area, but the YA program helped me focus my interests and make long-term plans post-graduation. If i had not joined the program, I wouldn't know how to join the workforce.

What do you want others to know about YA?

The instructors that taught me outside of the workplace were incredibly supportive and experienced. The depth of learning that the program offers can't be overstated. I'd like to shoutout Barbara Bielec for being one of the incredible instructors when I was in the STEM YA program.

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