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Sergei Capaul


Class Of 



Clean Lakes Alliance - Madison



What did you love about YA?

This program jump-started my success for future opportunities and careers as there
was a focus on upskilling and development in my conversations with Mr. Benz. He helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in certain projects and tasks that I
did at my internship. He helped me understand where I would best suited for in a future career and how to play to my strengths. I think at the time, paying special attention to those types of soft skills, I am more in-tune with my learning and development now as an adult.

How did YA influence your plans after high school?

After completing my YA program, I went on to have 2 internships with Spectrum Brands, became the President of UW-Whitewater's PRSSA Chapter, became a
Marketing Intern at Baker Tilly and have since moved into my career as a Marketing Coordinator at ManpowerGroup.

What do you want others to know about YA?

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