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We know you're ready to step into your future but do you have all the tools you need to be successful? The STEPS Program is able to help you prepare for the future, whether you want to continue your education, start a career or if you aren't sure of what you want to do next. STEPS is able to turn your interests skills and strengths into a rewarding future, with a variety of resources to ensure you find the future that’s right for you.

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Benefits Of Steps

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Upcoming Steps Academies



The WIOA program can help students who need a bit more equitable access to WBL by helping them with Supportive Services (transportation, communications, housing), paying for training, and paying for them to get their Initial Work Experience (yes the grant pays the student directly, like a lease program for an employer). Eligible students need to have an IEP/504 or be on F/R lunch and have a barrier (ell, BSD, offender, foster care, etc).


Dave Ruthenberg

ISY Career Planner

Dave Ruthenberg is a Dane County School Consortium Youth Career Planner. Dave holds a professional educator’s license and began his career in Illinois high schools before moving to California. There, he worked with the non-profit organization AbilityPath as a job coach. Dave taught job readiness skills to adults with disabilities, both in the classroom and at various work sites. Dave developed a virtual curriculum about work skills and healthy relationships, which earned him AbilityPath’s award for innovation in 2021. Dave is a recent transplant to Madison and has made a personal vow to swim in every lake in Dane County.

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Learn more about our programs

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The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin and Dane County School Consortium are equal opportunity employer/program service providers. If you need this information or printed material  in an alternate format, or in a different language (any of these free of charge), please contact us at 608-316-1357. 

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired callers may reach us by using Wisconsin Relay Services at 7-1-1. Proud partners of the American Job Center network. A member of the WorkSmart Network

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Career Fitter

DCSC - STEPS  is happy to partner with CareerFitter as a trusted resource for career assessment tests.
Learn more about their career test.
Also, contact DCSC to receive a CareerFitter career assessment test that includes your Premium Career Report and Career Resource Dashboard.

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