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Maggie Frawley


Class Of 



Oak Park Place


Health Science

What did you love about YA?

My YA experience definitely helped me get to where I am today! Even though I didn’t end up going into the medical field, the youth apprenticeship gave me great, real world work experience. It taught me how to be accountable, how to work with a
wide range of people, gave me incredibly useful baseline medical knowledge (which
has come in handy caring for aging relatives as well as in my job as an attorney where I have touched personal injury cases) and the program also taught me clear
communication. Additionally, I was a kid that loved school and being able to take
classes at MATC really inspired me and made me want to be a lifelong learner. It also made the transition to college a little easier.

How did YA influence your plans after high school?

After the YA program and graduating I attended the University of Minnesota where I did two years preparing for pre-med/pre-nursing programs. Then I switched to
communications/sport management. After graduating from college I went directly to
law school where I focused my studies in sports law and alternative dispute resolution. I now am working as an associate attorney and hope to find a role in sports law/sports contracting soon.

What do you want others to know about YA?

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